olunteering at Center Stage is both exciting and challenging and you’ll go home knowing you’re helping to support the Arts. Center Stage Theatre is dedicated to increasing awareness and encouraging growth of the Arts in the Gulf Coast and surrounding communities and we depend on our volunteers to assist in this noble task! We have many opportunities available. Call our Box Office during normal business hours or send us an email for more information.


  • Set Construction
  • Set Breakdown
  • Lights
  • Sound

  • Props
  • Backstage
  • Hair / Makeup
  • Costumes

  • Set Dressing
  • Concessions
  • Usher

  • Groundskeeping
  • Maintenance
  • Special Events

Current Opportunities

Set Dresser

Center Stage Theatre is well-known for its intricate and beautiful sets. Set Dressers are the crucial to helping make that happen and are responsible for locating and obtaining various elements which are crucial to the appearance of the set. This could include: photographs, magazines, paintings, curtains, statues, dishes, etc. These are usually elements that are placed and never moved during performance but may also include various props. The Set Dresser will work closely with the Prop Wrangler and may even double as the Prop Wrangler.

Prop Wrangler

No play is entertaining without the use of props. Prop Wranglers play an integral role in any successful production. They are responsible for locating and obtaining various prop ites that will be used throughout the performance. These items could include: furniture, luggage, dishes, rugs, shovels, fake rifles, instruments, etc. The Prop Wrangler will work closely with the Set Dresser and may even double as the Set Dresser.


Productions at Center Stage Theatre involve casts ranging from two people to well over two-dozen, and they all need costumes. The Costumer is responsible for locating and obtaining costumes and costume accessories. This could include period costumes such as those worn during Shakespearean days or even bell-bottoms and flower shirts from the 60’s. Knowledge of color theory and sewing is a plus but not necessary.


Groundskeeping volunteers are responsible for upkeep of Center Stage Theatre’s property and grounds such as: lawn-mowing, weed-eating, tree trimming, trash cleanup, parking lot cleanup, and general exterior beautification.

Set Breakdown

What goes up, must come down. After the last Sunday performance of every production, cast members remain behind and disassemble the entire set. Often, casts are small and this becomes a daunting challenge. Set Breakdown volunteers are responsible for assisting theatre management and cast members with the safe and efficient disassembly of sets. Having your own tools is helpful but not necessary.


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